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Network Marketing / Direct Sales

Network marketing can be a stepping stone to your own business


Network marketing is a great vehicle to attain your dreams. It takes 3 – 5 years to make a profit with a traditional business opposed to making a profit in less than 30 days with a network marketing business. A traditional business involves the following: storefront; start-up costs (licensing agreements; incorporation/llc documents, etc.); office equipment […]

Prospecting tips for success in networking marketing

First Thing First Create a list of everyone you know. This list should consist of a minimum of 100 names. View my blog “How To Generate A List Of Prospects For Network Marketing” for more information on how to jog your memory for a list of everyone you know. After you compile your list do a […]

Give your small business the same respect you would give a job


Give your business the same respect you would give your job. Many don’t take their business seriously You would never just walk off your job in the middle of a project to pick up your dry cleaning or go to the gym and just show up for work the next day late, so why would […]

Spend more time with your family and friends

earn extraordinary income

Are you so busy making a living that you do not have time to enjoy life? Earn Extraordinary Income! Start your own business, earn residual income and position yourself for the explosive growth in the Energy and VoIP Industries Perks: Be Your Own Boss Multiples streams of income Work where and when you want No […]

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