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Mondays don’t suck it is your job



Mondays don’t suck. It is what you do with your Mondays that suck.

Many are in a dead job that they hate to go to each and every day.

Some people work Monday through Friday. For these people Sunday is the second worst day of the week because they have to get ready for their next day at work, which just so happens to be Monday.

If you are not happy with your j.o.b. (just over broke) then maybe you should look into getting another job or look into being your own boss.

Many can barely keep their head above water now with the slow economy and never ending bills being delivered by the postal service.  Many of these people will go on to retire on 40% of what they are currently making at their job.

A job produces liner income, while owning the right business can produce residual income.

I will talk more about linear income vs. residual income tomorrow.

Until then be thankful that you have a job, because there are millions of people out there that wish they were in your shoes.

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