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How to generate a list of prospects for network marketing

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What is a Prospect?

Potential customer or client qualified on the basis or his or her buying authority, financial capacity, and willingness to buy. Also called sales lead. (Source:

Prospecting is a law of averages.  The more people you call, the more people will say yes to the opportunity that you present to them.

Start off by generating a list of 100 people that you know.  This list is also referred to as a Warm Market Jogger.

Warm market is said to be people you know, which could be friends, relatives and existing customers, even referrals are said to be warm (Source: Wikipedia)

One way to generate a Warm Market Jogger is by using the W.H.I.P. approach.

What does W.H.I.P. stand for?

Work Ethic – people that have a strong work ethic and a drive to succeed.

Hungry – people that are looking for that one opportunity or level playing field.

Integrity – always look for people with integrity and high character.

Personal Power – Charismatic leaders (pastors, business owners, entrepreneurs)

Below are a list of questions that will help job you memory when creating your list of 100 people.

Warm Market Memory Jogger

(Write down everyone that comes to mind)

1.Who is looking for an opportunity to make unlimited income?

  1. Who is highly motivated?

  2. Who is successful?

  3. Who complains about their job?

  4. Who constantly talks about making more money?

  5. Who is concerned about giving back to society?

  6. Who is money oriented or money motivated?

  7. Who owns their own business?

  8. Who enjoys being around high energy people?

  9. Who likes to be a social butterfly?

  10. Who wants to create generational wealth?

  11. Your friends

  12. Your siblings

  13. Your parents

  14. Your cousins

  15. Your children

  16. Your aunts and uncles

  17. Your spouse’s relatives

  18. Who did you attend school with?

  19. Who works with you?

  20. Who is retired?

  21. Who has more than one job?

  22. Who you wants several streams of income?

  23. Who was laid off?

  24. Who bought a new home?

  25. Who has never had the money to take a vacation?

  26. Who lives paycheck to paycheck?

  27. Who gave you a business card?

  28. Who works at night?

  29. Who delivers pizza to your home?

  30. Who wants financial freedom?

  31. Who likes team sports?

  32. Who does fundraising?

  33. Who watches television often?

  34. Who works on cars?

  35. Who likes political campaigns?

  36. Who promotes events?

  37. Who’s in the military?

  38. Who your friends know?

  39. Your dentists?

  40. Your doctors?

  41. Who you think will support you?

  42. Who wants a career change?

  43. Who is unemployed?

  44. Who attends self-improvement seminars?

  45. Who reads books on success?

  46. Who are the parents of your children’s friend’s?

  47. Who worked with you in the past?

  48. Who are your parent’s friends?

  49. Who you met while out in about?

  50. Who waits on you at restaurants?

  51. Who cuts your hair?

  52. Who does your nails?

  53. Who does your taxes?

  54. Who works at your bank?

  55. Who is on you holiday card list?

  56. Who is in retail sales?

  57. Who sells real estate?

  58. Who are your children’s teachers?

  59. Who services your car?

  60. Who repairs your home?

  61. Who manages your apartment?

  62. Who’s in college?

  63. Who likes to dance?

  64. Who sold you a car?

  65. Who you met at a social event?

  66. Who likes to buys nice things?

  67. Who tried to get you to buy something their child was selling?

  68. Who does volunteer work?

  69. Who owes you  money?

  70. Who do you know in network marketing?

  71. Who needs a new car?

  72. Who wants to support a cause?

  73. Who works too hard?

  74. Who was injured at work?

  75. Who lives in your neighborhood?

  76. Who’s looking for a home business opportunity?

  77. Who delivers your mail?

  78. Who valets your car?

  79. Who delivers your paper?

  80. Who handles your gardening?

  81. Who watches your children?

  82. Who attends your church?

  83. Who hates to wake up to their alarm clock to go to work?

  84. Who you met through your friends?

  85. Who tailors your clothes?

  86. Who asks you to buy things?

  87. Who bags your groceries?

  88. Who wants a promotion?

  89. Who owes you money?

  90. Who has a lot of friends?

  91. Who exercises regularly?

  92. Who belongs to the Chamber of Commerce?

  93. Who just moved into the area?

  94. Who likes to buy things?

  95. Who likes to talk?

  96. Who is outgoing?

  97. Who do you know in direct sales (e.g., Avon, Mary Kay, etc.)?

  98. Who you think would never do this business?

  99. Who you haven’t listed yet?

Now is time to start making calls to your prospects to introduce them to your product or service.

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