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Give your small business the same respect you would give a job


Give your business the same respect you would give your job.

Many don’t take their business seriously

You would never just walk off your job in the middle of a project to pick up your dry cleaning or go to the gym and just show up for work the next day late, so why would you disrespect your business in this manner.

On a traditional cookie cutter job there is a system to follow.  A system should be created for your business to follow as well.

For instance, when a new employee starts at McDonalds they go through a training program.  This same program is repeated over and over again at McDonalds franchises throughout the world.

Stop getting ready and do

There are many that are professionals at getting ready for a successful business.  They will write down strategies, lists, etc. every day, however at the end of each day they are tired and have not done a thing to move their business in the right direction.

Don’t confuse activity with productivity.

Create a system that can be duplicated, so when you are ready to take on employees you will already have your system in place and won’t have to think on the fly.

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