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Four Fish Prospecting Personality Types

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When looking for prospects you must be able to discern one personality type from another.  You must be about to put a personality trait with each type of prospect so you will know how to approach them as well as know what appeals to them.

You need to know their likes and dislikes.

Knowing the likes and dislikes of the following personality types can be very profitable.

Four Fish Prospecting Personality Types

1.       Red Sharks 

Sharks are aggressive and motivated by money and nice things.   They are very ambitious leaders, over achievers and top producers.  Sharks like to win, so step to them correct because they will not have a problem hurting your feelings. Basically with them you need get to the bottomline, because don’t want to hear any fluff.

Bottomline is they want to know how and when they are going to get paid.

Sharks will love the perks of your network marketing company or direct sales company (e.g., BMW, Bentley, stock options, bonuses, etc.)

Profession examples:  doctors, lawyers, professional athletes, etc.

2.       Yellow Whales 

Whales have a strong desire to help others, sometimes to their own detriment.  Whales want to save the world.  Approach whales with an honest, open and loving heart, because many of them have been taken advantage in the past by not so nice people.

Profession examples:  social workers, school teachers, pastors, nuns, philanthropists, etc.

3.       Blue Dolphins 

Dolphins are social butterflies that love to have a good time.  They are very outgoing and love to party.  They love to be the center of attention and are typically the life of the party.  Very rare are they alone.

Dolphins will love to attend your conventions, business opportunity meetings, networking parties, etc.

Profession examples:  promoters, cheerleaders, event planners, etc.

4.       Green Urchins 

Urchins are very analytical and factual individuals that do not like to take risks. Make sure you have your facts straight because they will research your company.

If you are new to your respective network marketing or direct sales business or unsure of some of the facts, make sure you pique (their interest) and pass this person to an experienced upline business partner.

They are typically loners and introverts.

Profession examples:  analysts, accountants, geeks, technicians, etc.

Some prospects can fall under several categories. Stan Richards, author of “From the Bus to the Bentley No More Limits” and Double Platinum Senior Vice President of 5Linx considers himself part whale and part dolphin.

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