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David Fagan, CEO of Guerrilla Marketing, Teaching The Law of Multiplication [video]

david fagan guerilla marketing

I am always searching the internet on new ways to market my business as well as pass on knowledge onto others, because I strongly believe in “WE are GREATER than i“.

I truly believe the reason I find so many golden nuggets on the internet is because I share with others. The golden nugget that I would like share with you today is a video (see below) I came across on Vimeo entitled ‘David Fagan – CEO of Guerrilla Marketing‘.

In the following video David Fagan will share a few ingredients from his recipe for success. Some of the ingredients he will share with you are the Law of Multiplication, Strategic Partnerships, Guerrilla Marketing, The Wedding Principal and more. Although this video is geared towards authors, please keep in mind that marketing is marketing and the information in this video can be tailored to fit anyone’s marketing needs.

David Fagan – CEO of Guerrilla Marketing from GetUWired – Web Marketing, Desig on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoyed and learned something from this video.  If you did, then please pass the knowledge onto someone else.

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