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Make your own responsive WordPress blog on a shoestring budget


I peruse the internet everyday.  There is so much delicious information out there. When I came across this video entitled, “How to make a WordPress Website – AMAZING!” by Tyler Moore (see below) I just knew I had to share it with you. This video is for amateurs, novice and professionals. Tyler Moore’s video of choice was […]

Marketing for photographers


What is marketing and why on earth do I need to market? Simply put, marketing is whatever it takes to attract clients to you (your brand, products and services). What are you doing to attract clients to you? You cannot wait for business to come to you Sometimes you have to go to the business […]

Find blog content with Google Alerts


Google Alerts is a great FREE service for bloggers (and more) that are searching for ways to get content for their respective sites. The alert system allows you to request specific alerts (e.g., celebrities, music business, “Scandal,” etc.). You can be as broad or specific as you like. How Does Google Alerts Work? Google Alerts is a content […]

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